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Services Provided

Jim Doolittle Real Estate Photography Provides Everything You Need!

The following are the services I offer for real estate photography. I strive to offer everything you would need to make your listing stand out. For more information on pricing please visit the Pricing page and visit Booking to book your session.


Flambient is a combination of flash and ambient photography. The process includes a minimum of two images, one shot without lights (ambient) and one shot with lights. There are sometimes additional flash shots if there are window pulls needed and or a need to eliminate shadows. These images are then composited using specialized editing processes that create a photo that has perfect color balance and exposure. While it sounds complicated and time consuming it is actually the opposite when you take into consideration that HDR or bracketed photos have so many issues with incorrect color balance caused by so many different sources of light and softness that takes much more time to correct in editing. Even after correction HDR images don't come close to the high end quality of a Flambient image. The majority of real estate photographers use HDR but I am choosing to offer the same quality of photos seen in high end luxury listings. The time onsite is just a little bit longer but we're talking an extra minute or so per photo for standard sized rooms and a couple minutes more for large rooms. Flambient creates perfect window pulls.


I offer a variety of video services from 3 minute video tours to creating reels from photographs and video footage to use on social media. I use a Fujifilm XT4 with a Weebill s gimbal to capture 4k smooth video at 60 frames per second. These clips are then dropped into a timeline sequence with a frame rate of 24 which does a great job of providing for a smooth dreamy video. I maintain a subscription to a large music catalog with a variety of music suited for real estate videos. My subscription maintains licensing so you can rest assured there won't any issues with you posting unlicensed material on Youtube. I use the music itself to to sync up the transitions between clips to a beat or change in the music track. I keep the movements simple but insure that they show the spaces while pulling the viewer into the video.

If you would like to provide an introduction to the property I am set up to film and record that for you so that it fits seamlessly into the video.

I also offer 30 and 60 second vertical reels using images from the shoot that are perfect for posting on Instagram or on Youtube as Shorts.


I am an FAA part 107 certified remote pilot and fly a Mavic Pro drone that produces high definition photographs and video. For homes I can augment your video tours with reveal footage and overhead 360 view footage. Invaluable for land listings are arial photos that show the scope and character of a property.

Virtual Staging

I provide virtual staging by ApplyDesign. This is a great option for when you have a vacant interior, a listing will show so much better with staging! I will receive the RAW images back from ApplyDesign and finalize the edit process before delivering them to you.

Virtual Tours

I am offering Matterport 3D tours to help your prospective buyers, especially out of town clients, walk through and get the feeling for a property.