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I have been an active photographer since the early 1970s. In the beginning years I primarily shot and processed B & W 35mm film early backpacking trips into the wilderness of Colorado and Utah. For the last 40 years I have used photography  to document the work of my company Doopoco Enterprises Fine Custom Cabinetry. I have now retired from cabinetmaking which has opened the opportunity to immerse myself once again spending more time in nature and sharing moments there through the art of my photography.

Photography for me is and has been an opportunity to experience and capture a bit of magic that unfailingly seems to present itself to me when I make the effort to head out into nature with my camera kit. It's a reminder for me what a gift it is to be a witness and participant in the artistry that unfolds around me everyday. There is a big change exploring nature and our National and State Parks from the days when I was young and out backpacking in remote locations. The easy accessibility of photography driven by the desire to share those images on social media has produced large crowds in many of the iconic locations. These crowded conditions are placing a tremendous burden on the delicate condition of many of these locations. While some folks clearly respect and care for our environment, there are many that are oblivious to the impact their presence is having as they unconsciously tromp over wildflowers and desert microbes that can take hundreds and thousand of years to regrow, deface sandstone walls and petroglyphs and drop liter in remote pristine locations. It is up to each of us as individuals to behave in a way that's different, that demonstrates our love and appreciation for this beautiful planet, our only home. This can be done with love and respect for our fellow human beings in a way that does not shame. There are movements that support this cause. One in particular is focused on the photographer's community, Nature First, of which I am proud to be a member. Their seven principles offer simple guidance for how we can be in nature in a way that provides care for nature and preserves the delicate condition of our environment. It is free to join and I encourage you to consider it.

My primary focus and photographic passion is for landscapes. I love being in nature, and seeking out compositions is the excuse that gets me to return again to nature as often as possible. The quiet solitude and the feeling of peace that I enjoy when I am alone in nature surrounded by incredible beauty is what I strive to share through my photographs. Currently I use a Fujifilm GFX 50s medium format camera and a Chamonix 4 x 5 large format film camera for my landscape work. When shooting motion sports, I use a Canon 1DX mark ii.

I am a print maker and for me the creative process continues while I work my images through post processing to bring them alive on print media. For me, until I hold a print in my hands that inspires the feeling I had while capturing the image, the photograph is not yet complete. Photographic prints are a thing of beauty and I am happy to own and display several prints from photographers that I admire.

I am humbled and honored that you are taking your time to read this and explore my images. If you are considering adding one of them to your home or office or are just enjoying the photographs online I am touched that something that I captured is being recognized and enjoyed.

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