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Dunes Gallery

Sand dunes are one of my favorite subjects to photograph. The possible compositions are endless from wide angle expansive shots to intimate landscapes. Shapes are created by shadow and light, luminosity and  contrast, changes in texture created by the wind resulting in swirling, angled, undulating simplicity and complexity. Dunes make great candidates for black and white photography as their color usually doesn't demand attention since the interest is created by light and shadow. Dunes can however provide a beautiful canvas to reflect warm golden hour or cool blue hour light and really convey the softness of that light.

They can be hard to climb if steep, your shoes, socks and pockets will fill with sand, I recommend gators and trekking poles. It takes extra care to keep expensive camera gear safe especially if it is blowing. There are coastal dunes, desert dunes, dunes that sit below mountain ranges and they are located all over. If the wind is blowing, your foot prints will likely disappear so it can be extremely important to take a visual reference for a good bearing to find your way out or a GPS device with which you can track your route.

Creation's Sculpture, ever changing.

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