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Intimate Landscapes Gallery

What is an intimate landscape? My sense of it is that the subject is anything but the grand landscape that would take in a scene from foreground to horizon. There are so many grand landscapes that are visually interesting and most of the locations that are interesting, have been photographed by thousands of photographers in hundreds of different ways and light conditions. The result of this is that the wider landscape compositions for the most part, will not be unique. It is a personal choice, what to make my subjects when creating a photograph. I have many grand landscape images on my site and most of them have personal meaning for me, but chances are they are recognizable and been seen many times before. The intimate landscape takes a different perspective and awareness. I remember my first day exploring the remote canyons and washes of Zion. After taking an expansive photo in the early morning, I was overwhelmed and lost trying to find something to photograph, there was just so much clutter and chaos. I heard a little voice that told me to look for the simplicity and within minutes I zeroed in on a composition that probably encompassed 12" - 14", Simple Beauty. After this the world opened up, presenting me with endless unique opportunities to find and create photographs of subjects that most likely, I was the only one to know about. The hunt is really fun and I find it most rewarding to be able to share something that is unique to my vision and leaves room for the viewer to use their creative imaginations if the subject is abstract. This gallery contains a sampling of intimate landscapes so I encourage you to explore the other galleries to view other examples. If you would like to learn more about this genre of photography, some of my favorite intimate landscape photographers are: Eliot Porter, Alex Noriega, Guy Tal and Theo Bosboom, all amazing artists.

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