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Camarillo Autocross

I would usually be driving…

but being busy I didn’t register in time. No worries, I grabbed my kit and headed over to photograph the day. I set up the 1dx with the 70-200mm f2.8 is ii with a 1.4 extender and a CLP filter as the intensity of the light into the sides of the cars, especially the light colored ones, needed to be toned down a bit. It was good panning practice though much easier when the cars are going maybe 60 unlike Formula One where the speeds are around 200 mph. There’s a few of these I really like; the red corvette that I let drive into the frame with a low shutter speed set, the wheel spin coming off the start  line, the photo of the white C7 from behind and a picture of my good friend Chris in the #21 car. Anyway it was fun to shoot some motorsport since otherwise the season has wound down, but next autocross I’ll be in the car!

If you are interested in prints please contact me.


An autocross is run on a course that is defined using traffic cones and chalk. Much smaller in scale than a road race circuit, it is more akin to driving on a go kart track in a car. The Camarillo Autocross takes place on the tarmac at the Camarillo airport. Many bring their everyday drivers out which is a great way to learn more about the limits of your car. It is not a race as only one car is out on the course at a time running against the clock. For me it’s an opportunity to keep my skills and timing sharp and a chance to drive at the limit on a controlled course. It is fun!

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