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Grand Staircase Spring 2019 – Part 1


Inner Currents – Lone Pine 2019


First Photos from My Trip to the Lone Pine Area 2019

Blue Super Moon Eclipse, Sunrise and Surfing

Gorgeous Light on the Mountain

Gorgeous Light on the Mountain Spent last Friday and Saturday with James at the cabin with Lisa joining us Saturday midday. It was windy and kinda cold at times dropping into the 30s at night. Though the flowers are done for the most part, the scenery and lighting were exquisite as always. There are a few photos where I used a nuetral density filter to be able to slow the shutter speed down in order to capture the effect of the […]

Moon Rising over the 101 Christmas Eve with Light Trails Photography

Merry Christmas! We set the 1dx up on a desktop tripod with 24-70mm L is ii. Hooked it up to the Camranger so we could control it with an iPhone. The moon was a gorgeous surprise on our way to have Christmas eve dinner with good friends. Exposure settings: FL 24mm, 2.5 sec at f /16, ISO 100