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Got my First 4 x 5 Negatives Back

Blue Super Moon Eclipse, Sunrise and Surfing

Ventura Point 01-18-2018

Ventura Point 01-18-2018 Finally got out with my camera! Been way too long. I took advantage of some nice big surf late in the day and took the 500 to Ventura Point to do some surf photography. The session was awesome and was able to shoot the sunset with the 500 which is a first. The color on the sunset is how the camera rendered it, just had to do a compositional crop. As always I welcome the comments and […]

Milky Way from Ormond Beach

Milky Way from Ormond Beach Feeling a little like a zombie right now. It was a late night last night for a school night, but the opportunity to shoot the Milky Way was too good to ignore.  I joined follow photog, Ormond Beach expert and guide, Carla Cahill. While not the pure darkness that we get on Figueroa Mountain on a moonless night, it was still a great chance as there was no marine layer and after the moon set around 10:30, the only […]

Ventura Point Sunset

Ventura Point Sunset Needing to smell the sea breeze and clear my head from many concentrated hours at the computer I headed to Ventura Point beach with camera and tripod to see what could be captured. No June gloom for a change with just a few clouds. The light was exquisite and the time spent in this spot brought my awareness back to simplicity. This is a series of six photographs that include some long exposures utilizing various ND filters.  Please […]

Visit to the Beach

Visit to the Beach After a very busy week, I looked forward to the long weekend and a chance for some photography. I did manage to complete a small photo shoot for a recently completed custom kitchen remodel last week so I did get my hands on the camera. Not quite the same though as getting outside and feeling the immersion. The perceived problem though, was our weather here at this time of year, May grey, June gloom, constant marine layer. […]

Figueroa Mountain – Davy Brown Trail

After the Storm – A Walk Down Davy Brown Trail A very enjoyable hike into Davy Brown, just me and the camera. Enjoy! Hover over to change photos or even better, click to view larger photos. If you are interested in prints please contact me.

Storm on the Mountain

Storm on the Mountain A three day weekend at the cabin on Figueroa Mountain for some much needed rest and reset. And photography! It was an early bloom this year so most of the poppies are fading but the lupine bushes will be on our list to explore later this afternoon now that the sun is out. We arrived yesterday afternoon just ahead of a decent little rain storm. We listened to the rain on the cabin roof while stoking […]

Stormy Day in Malibu

No Camera, no Photographs! I am finding that when I have my camera along, even when it is not my intention to have a photography outing, that opportunities present themselves to capture something beautiful. This week Southern California got it’s first real taste of El Niño with successive storms. Photography wasn’t in the cards as I was focused on the cabinet business and staying dry. Heading out the door yesterday for a commitment in Malibu I decided at the last […]

Santa Clara River Estuary 12-20-15

I got to share the fun with Lisa on this outing! Lisa gets credit for the photographs beginning after the shot of her busy capturing an image. After consulting with the Ventura Audubon birding guide we decided to head over to the Santa Clara River Estuary, about 10 minutes from our home in Port Hueneme. The lighting was a bit marginal and pretty hazy but we were ready to be outside and looking forward to discovering a location new to […]