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Monthly Archives: December 2015

Moon Rising over the 101 Christmas Eve with Light Trails Photography

Merry Christmas! We set the 1dx up on a desktop tripod with 24-70mm L is ii. Hooked it up to the Camranger so we could control it with an iPhone. The moon was a gorgeous surprise on our way to have Christmas eve dinner with good friends. Exposure settings: FL 24mm, 2.5 sec at f /16, ISO 100  

Santa Clara River Estuary 12-20-15

I got to share the fun with Lisa on this outing! Lisa gets credit for the photographs beginning after the shot of her busy capturing an image. After consulting with the Ventura Audubon birding guide we decided to head over to the Santa Clara River Estuary, about 10 minutes from our home in Port Hueneme. The lighting was a bit marginal and pretty hazy but we were ready to be outside and looking forward to discovering a location new to […]

Ormond Wetlands 12-17-15

Photographing our feathered friends is becoming a real joy. I can begin to understand the passion for this that so many photographers enjoy. I was able to clear my desk to the point today that I saw an opportunity to head over to the wetlands and practice with the 500mm f4 L is ii. It was about an hour before sunset, which I am discovering is a call for many birds to head to the wetlands to roost for the […]

Figueroa Mountain 12-05-15

A solo trip to the cabin with Guaco and Mole. It’s always a magical time at our place on the mountain. A very quiet weekend without much in the way of wildlife and birds stirring about but there’s always the dogs enjoying a free frolic. I did get lucky with the end of the day view from the lookout and was able to capture the full dimension of it by layering three separate exposures. The sunsets are always prime in […]