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Ventura Point 01-18-2018

Ventura Point 01-18-2018 Finally got out with my camera! Been way too long. I took advantage of some nice big surf late in the day and took the 500 to Ventura Point to do some surf photography. The session was awesome and was able to shoot the sunset with the 500 which is a first. The color on the sunset is how the camera rendered it, just had to do a compositional crop. As always I welcome the comments and […]

Photographers Who Inspire Me – Lisa Kristine

Photographers Who Inspire Me – Lisa Kristine With this first installment of ‘Photographers Who Inspire Me’, I want to introduce you to a uniquely talented photographer, Lisa Kristine. Many years ago, my Lisa and I were in Santa Fe walking the Plaza when we walked by a gallery with a large format print of a Tibetan nomad posed in an expansive high mountain landscape. The photograph entitled ‘One Thousand Mile Stare’ took our breath away and drew us inside the […]