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Lone Pine Sanctuary

Lone Pine Sanctuary With an evening flight out, Lisa and I took a trip over to the Lone Pine Sanctuary to get up close and personal with Australia’s wonderful and unique animals. Please feel free to leave your comments or questions below or just let me know your favorites and subscribe to receive notification of new posts. Enjoy the photographs! Click to view larger photos or a full screen slide show. Use the direction arrows to switch slides. If you are interested in […]

Stormy Day in Malibu

No Camera, no Photographs! I am finding that when I have my camera along, even when it is not my intention to have a photography outing, that opportunities present themselves to capture something beautiful. This week Southern California got it’s first real taste of El Niño with successive storms. Photography wasn’t in the cards as I was focused on the cabinet business and staying dry. Heading out the door yesterday for a commitment in Malibu I decided at the last […]

Santa Clara River Estuary 12-20-15

I got to share the fun with Lisa on this outing! Lisa gets credit for the photographs beginning after the shot of her busy capturing an image. After consulting with the Ventura Audubon birding guide we decided to head over to the Santa Clara River Estuary, about 10 minutes from our home in Port Hueneme. The lighting was a bit marginal and pretty hazy but we were ready to be outside and looking forward to discovering a location new to […]

Ormond Wetlands 12-17-15

Photographing our feathered friends is becoming a real joy. I can begin to understand the passion for this that so many photographers enjoy. I was able to clear my desk to the point today that I saw an opportunity to head over to the wetlands and practice with the 500mm f4 L is ii. It was about an hour before sunset, which I am discovering is a call for many birds to head to the wetlands to roost for the […]