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Santa Clara River Estuary 12-20-15

I got to share the fun with Lisa on this outing!

Lisa gets credit for the photographs beginning after the shot of her busy capturing an image.

After consulting with the Ventura Audubon birding guide we decided to head over to the Santa Clara River Estuary, about 10 minutes from our home in Port Hueneme. The lighting was a bit marginal and pretty hazy but we were ready to be outside and looking forward to discovering a location new to us both. We mounted the long glass and headed down the beach from the Spinnaker Dr parking lot towards the mouth of the river. The first body of water right next to the parking lot was fenced and protected. We peered over the fence and saw a pair of egrets and a pair of herons and various other frolicking foul. We proceeded down the beach shutters clicking away. The pelican close-ups are back lit but worth posting. What amazes me is how beautiful these creatures are when you can see the detail of their plumage and the dexterity with which they fly . These habitats need to be protected so we can continue to enjoy this planet as it was intended by creation. This beach and estuary are very beautiful, uncrowded and makes for a nice long walk. We didn’t even make it to the mouth of the river.

If you are interested in prints please contact me.

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