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Stormy Day in Malibu

No Camera, no Photographs!

I am finding that when I have my camera along, even when it is not my intention to have a photography outing, that opportunities present themselves to capture something beautiful. This week Southern California got it's first real taste of El Niño with successive storms. Photography wasn't in the cards as I was focused on the cabinet business and staying dry. Heading out the door yesterday for a commitment in Malibu I decided at the last minute to grab the 1dx with the 70-200mm just in case. What I found in the mist of another brewing storm was a little hummingbird, not too shy to let me photograph it, with puffed up plumage to stay warm. Beautiful color on a backdrop of grey. Birds of Paradise were in full display offering a blast of color in an otherwise color starved day. Then there was the unsurpassed beauty of the storm itself painting the sky with strokes of silver, blue and grey. So glad I had my camera!

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