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Visit to the Beach

After a very busy week, I looked forward to the long weekend and a chance for some photography. I did manage to complete a small photo shoot for a recently completed custom kitchen remodel last week so I did get my hands on the camera. Not quite the same though as getting outside and feeling the immersion. The perceived problem though, was our weather here at this time of year, May grey, June gloom, constant marine layer. In other words, foggy, overcast and cool. Not typically conducive for a vibrant sunset or that wonderful golden light at the end of the day. Come Monday though I saw that a pattern emerged, where the marine layer would recede briefly right at the end of the day only to move back in as the sun went down. At the end of the day I had to get out and was hoping the magic would unfold. Sure enough, the sun came out briefly before the marine layer moved back onshore as the sun went down, transforming everything into a dreamy blue hour. I stayed with it into that blue hour doing some long exposures at the pier to smooth out the waves and sky as the beach was again wrapped in the blanket of grey. Not disappointed, it was fun to capture the magic that was there for me. Please feel free to leave your comments or questions below or just let me know your favorites.

Enjoy the photographs!

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