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Milky Way from Ormond Beach

Feeling a little like a zombie right now. It was a late night last night for a school night, but the opportunity to shoot the Milky Way was too good to ignore.  I joined follow photog, Ormond Beach expert and guide, Carla Cahill. While not the pure darkness that we get on Figueroa Mountain on a moonless night, it was still a great chance as there was no marine layer and after the moon set around 10:30, the only light pollution came from the Port Hueneme naval base and a fishing boat or two. There are three photographs with this post. One, a square crop, was shot with the GFX 50s medium format with a TSE 17mm at f4 (effective focal length was a little under 14mm) exposed for 30sec. The moon photo and the other Milky Way photo were shot with the canon 1dx with a Sigma 20mm 1.4. It is pretty cool how much more these cameras can see than the human eye. It was an extraordinary session and it makes me a little hungry for a go at the Milky Way on the next moonless night or two from the cabin where it is so dark that Ben and I have walked into trees that are right in front of our noses. That may or may not be entirely attributable to the darkness. Please feel free to leave your comments or questions below or just let me know your favorites.

Enjoy the photographs!

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