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Rare Cool Summer Weekend at the Cabin

Usually trips to the cabin in the middle of summer are not in the cards due to high temps, 90s -100, but Lisa and I had our eye on the forecast as it was for high 70s and 60s at night. Perfect! We had to get creative to get by the typical holiday traffic jam through the Santa Barbara corridor which actually made the drive enjoyable. We were happy to see an out of town fire crew finally clearing the minefield of dead trees along Figueroa Mountain Rd as we drove towards our driveway and expressed our gratitude for their efforts. Us cabin owners were beginning to wonder if we would have to pay to have the deadwood cleared ourselves.

After settling in and taking care of some cleaning and maintenance, we headed up the road, Me with my camera gear and Lisa with the dogs. It was an athletic hike as I was chasing the last light to my planned vantage point and got there with only a few minutes to set-up to shoot the last rays. The Panorama is stitched together from four images making for close to a 200mp file that would print up to several feet in case any of you have a large wall space :). This place is full of beauty and wonder.

The moon set some time after 1 am but I was much more inclined to climb into bed than wait or get up to capture the Milky Way with dark skies. I did however get inspired, after stepping out on the stoop to look at the sky at 10 pm, to walk over to the meadow to see what the camera could see despite the light pollution from the moon. I positioned the lens in the shadow of a dead oak and framed the Milky Way amongst the trees and the meadow that were nicely lit by the half moon still high in the sky. It was so quiet and peaceful and I like the photo that I got.

We are heading out later to scope out a location to shoot the ‘Hurricane Ridge’ at some future opportunity. We will then stop at a good sunset vantage point to see what the days end has to offer.

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Enjoy the photographs!

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