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Sycamore Canyon Views

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Sycamore Canyon Views

Some of you may have seen these on Facebook already. There is a bit more of a story that goes along with these two landscape compositions.

Beyond the need and urge to get out with my camera, I have been wanting to hike. I need to get in shape hiking with 35-40. pounds of camera gear on my back as I will be heading to the Utah desert later this spring to spend most of a week with Robert Rodriquez Jr., a landscape photographer who I have learned much from already and look forward to deepening my compositional skills on this trip. He will be the focus of another ' Photographers Who Inspire Me' post at some point in the future.

I was happy James was able to join me as we headed up towards the top of the Overlook trail near the ocean side of Big Sycamore. I had biked up and down this trail before but not hiked it so moving a bit slower always offers a different point of view. I have been wanting to get a photograph of Boney and I saw a composition on the way up that had some interesting compositional elements that I thought might work. I noted the location and stopped on our way down to set up for a photo. I was hoping for a little more color on the rock faces of the mountain but the clouds, shadows and leading lines worked to create some nice depth and pull the viewer into the image.

The second composition was literally a swivel of the tripod pointing down canyon towards the ocean. The light was wonderful and the composition worked to pull my eyes towards the ocean and horizon.

Next I'll be printing these up.

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