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Figueroa Mountain – Early Spring

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Early Springtime on Figueroa Mountain...aaaahhhh

Work and emotional demands have been on a full-time campaign to turn my brain to mush lately. Lisa and I consider ourselves lucky to have our cabin on Figueroa Mountain to go to when we need to decompress. Weather cooperated wonderfully providing warm days and cool evenings, high clouds and marine layer in the valley created nice diffused light. Four of our close friends were at their cabin nearby giving us warm friendship filled dinners, walks, laughter and reflection. It is a time to fall deeply inside when the peaceful quiet of being in nature supports inner quiet with its sweet caress. And of course I had full intention of enjoying some hiking and the search for compositions to photograph when I loaded the truck and headed out on Friday.

Above is a collection of the five compositions that I created. There are a few more but they reside on 4 x 5 negatives that will be heading off to the processor soon. Oh, BTW I have begun shooting large format film. I love the deliberate slow process required as it keeps me from getting too ahead of myself and missing the enjoyment of the beauty around me. It exercises my vision and creative implementation creating the photographs. I have some negatives coming back soon from other outings. I expect to be making mistakes but I don't care because I intend to learn from them and continue to embrace the medium so I can make beautiful large format images sooner or later. If the film turns out I will share the results with you.

I hope you enjoy exploring the photographs above. The feeling and the beauty was extraordinary this weekend. The demands remain but I am back within myself again and that's just the best!

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As always, thank you for taking the time so I could share this with you and I'm grateful to hear your thoughts, musings and appreciation in the comments below.


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