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Spring Trip to Utah – Day Four in Moab

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Day Four in Moab

This morning was a welcome change from the previous mornings in that we got to sleep in till 5:00 am! There wasn’t a ‘sunrise shot’ to capture since we were visiting a small canyon. The other nice change was that there was water so the morning was spent shooting free-hand with a longer lens playing around with compositions and water reflections using the water and the beautiful morning light. Up until this outing we had been visiting expansive vistas some with iconic shot opportunities so this was a fun shift.

The afternoon had us visiting Corona Arch, an huge epic sandstone structure that was a good hike and climb to get to. Coming around the corner and seeing the scene gave pause to take a deep breath and take it all in.

Courtesy of Kelly

The first image I worked on featured a flat arch down the rim from the big arch that had a beautiful tree in the foreground. I was challenged to find the right composition so I spent a while moving my tripod back and forth till I settled on the image in the slideshow above.

I still hadn’t made my way over the Corona Arch and the light was slipping away so I headed over and under the arch and was blown away by the scale. I set up looking back the way I’d come with a nice rock in my foreground and nice light landing on the bluffs in the distance. The presence of that massive structure over my head while I worked on the image was what I was hoping to share by only having one arm of the arch framing and anchoring the left side of the image.

Everyone was beginning to pack up for the hike back out so I again used my iPhone to capture the classic view of the arch with some nice light behind it.

Then it was back down the face of the cliff we climbed up using the anchored cable that was placed there. A few, who had concerns for the height, chose to toss their bags down to Brian at the bottom.

Courtesy of Kelly

All in all a really fun day with so much variety of photo opportunities which is so typical of this part of the world.

Thank you for taking your time to share in this with me and I would love to hear from you if you’d like to leave a comment below.

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