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Zion Fall 2018 – Forward

8 thoughts on “Zion Fall 2018 – Forward”

    • Thank you! I’m so glad you enjoyed it. I have been printing some of the photos I took and there are many I really like and will add to my portfolio so there will be much to share. Utah is awesome!

  1. I was so moved by this documentation on your next journey in life. I love your video & commentary. I am so happy for you both & wish you the best in your journeys. You have inspired me to slow down & enjoy all that God has for me more. I love you & Lisa!

    • It will be fun however it unfolds. It feels really good to both of us to give more time to being in nature and I am loving the photographic opportunities. I hope to refine my skills with the video with time and practice as I think its a great way to share. Fun too! Love you too!

    • Oh Lesa, thank you! I think of you sometimes when I am in these incredible places. It would be fun to do some photography together again. I’m glad you enjoyed the video, it is encouraging for me to continue with it. xxx

  2. Really impressive, Jim & Lisa! I love that you are doing this journey. Jim, you’re a strong narrator and provide your explorations the depth of feeling that transcends the travelogue genre: “On the Road” without the booze, getting your kicks from life in all its beauty. I look forward to “accompanying” you on future episodes.

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