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A Holiday Treat!

Thanksgiving Weekend on Figueroa Mountain

We had a really memorable weekend on the mountain over Thanksgiving. The weather was cold for the first time in some years so it was nice for it to be seasonable. Our cabin there is currently shut down as I have some ongoing projects that I hope to finish this spring so we took the RV up and parked it in the windiest spot on the mountain. :)

I am sharing three images that I took. The first with the 4 x 5, before it was windy, was taken as the sun rose and began to shed light on the rock in the meadow overlooking the valley. It was exposed on Ektar 100.

The second was the following morning after Thanksgiving shot with the GFX of the full moon setting at sunrise.

The third was taken at sunset our last day during an amazing wind storm with clouds sweeping over the mountain. This one was also shot with the GFX.

I have created a short film that also has some very cool time-lapse of the clouds as well as an amazing sunset from Thanksgiving day.

I hope you enjoy this! To view high res images click here.

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