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Death Valley 2018 – Day Three Desert Silence

Death Valley 2018 - Day Three Desert Silence

The video of day three has been close to being ready for a while and I am rather overdue getting it out to you but the past several weeks has been very busy with special events, gallery shows and openings and getting projects ready for some new clients. It feels good to be getting back to my photography.

My intention for this day was to get out for an outing at daybreak at a location I had identified our first day. I knew I would be leaving the RV a little after 4:00 am so as I expected Lisa said she would see me when I returned :). It was an extraordinary morning. There is something very special being in nature at this time of day and witnessing another day begin. The vastness of the desert here has a quality of solitude and silence that a part of me resonates with on a primordial level. This environment is soothing and provides the space to feel myself and appreciate what I witness without any distractions.

The afternoon outing did include Lisa as we ventured back to the same area. I had seen a possible composition on my walk out from the morning that I thought had sunset possibilities. Unfortunately I didn't have any video with Lisa as she ventured off to do some macro photography of salt crystals. This day brought with it clear skies for the most part which steers me towards compositions that have interest without any drama in the skies. When setting up in these conditions I will limit the amount of sky that is visible in the image and use the foreground and mid ground more predominantly to express what I am feeling and lead the viewer into the scene. An empty sky usually will make for a quick exit out of the scene when viewing an image.

I hope you enjoy the video from this day and the two images I came away with. As always I enjoy hearing your thoughts or if you have any questions, so please feel free to leave a comment below or from within Youtube.

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