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Fun With Trees – Figueroa Mountain

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Fun with Trees

I love trees. I was hugging trees back before it was a thing. Last year I read 'The Hidden Life of Trees' by Peter Wohlleben. It's a wonderful book about the world of trees and how they communicate and support each other and how they are sophisticated sensitive beings that feel. Trees are essential for human existence and quietly go about their work of being a critical part in the balance of a successful environment.

On Figueroa Mountain we have witnessed utter destruction of the pine forest there over the last several years to due pine beetles attacking trees made vulnerable from years of a warmer and dryer climate. The forest looked like a war zone and it has taken a couple of years for the dead trees to be removed and the forest floor cleaned up by the forest service and cabin owners. We would all feel the loss, it was heartbreaking. The forest there is quite diverse at the elevation where our cabin is located with several species including pines, fir, manzanita and oaks. Fortunately even though all the trees were distressed,  the species other than the pines survived. With decent moisture and some snow the past couple of winters, the trees again look healthy and there is even a lot of new pine growth.

This past weekend, while doing some work at our cabin, I was able to take my camera out on a walk late in the day. The sky was overcast but there was really nice diffused light. I had no intention for what to photograph or if I would even take one. I had walked maybe a hundred yards up the road when a manzanita caught my eye. I walked past looking at the soft light reflecting off the red skin of the branches that leaned toward the light. I continued walking making a quiet commitment to visit the tree on the way back. As I walked, the trees called to me and I started to see the simple beauty of the bark on the trunks with the soft light illuminating the character of the infinitely unique collection of shapes. Then I started seeing the faces.

With that I leave you to your imagination and invite you to enjoy these photographs. FYI - the last photograph in the slideshow is Golden Glow which I shot last winter but wanted to include it as it was taken up on the mountain.

These photographs are joined by other photos of trees in the Gallery of Trees for you to enjoy.

As always I would love to hear your thoughts and any feelings evoked from viewing these photos or about your own experiences with trees.

Take care and stay safe,






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