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SW Colorado – Expressions of Nature’s Beauty – Snow Falling


With this journal I have jumped ahead past my fall photography. It will come soon! I have lots to share. There are a few of the fall images on my instagram channel, @jimdoolittlephoto, in case you haven't yet seen any fall images. If you would like to stay more up to date with my photography please consider following me on instagram. You can take a look at who I follow too to enjoy some photographs from some of the best landscape photographers.

Winter has arrived here in SW Colorado. After yesterday's snow we have had almost 20" of snowfall since September. Yesterday's snowfall was quiet, still, with big flakes. It was beautiful. At the request of a friend to film some snowflakes falling, he is in Southern California and misses winter, I filmed a few clips yesterday morning. At the editor I decided to make a video journal and include a few images taken recently. There is no narration, instead some simple music to compliment the quiet beauty that winter brings.

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