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Gorgeous Light on the Mountain

Spent last Friday and Saturday with James at the cabin with Lisa joining us Saturday midday. It was windy and kinda cold at times dropping into the 30s at night. Though the flowers are done for the most part, the scenery and lighting were exquisite as always. There are a few photos where I used a nuetral density filter to be able to slow the shutter speed down in order to capture the effect of the wind blowing through the grass and trees so if you see some strange blurriness, that was the outcome. Friday evening’s sunset has one photo that was taken within a few seconds of another at the same settings. One captured a flash that is more yellow than green but still has a very nice effect on the image while in the next it was gone. Photography is such a magic art form! When it was too cold to stay outside I was playing around with photos of the flames in the little potbelly stove. Photographs appear in the order they were taken, two sunsets and two sunrises and a little in between. Please feel free to leave your comments or questions below or just let me know your favorites.

Enjoy the photographs!

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